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About Rock

Rock's journey spans diverse business interests and various forms of coaching and counseling, each contributing to his unique expertise.

Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations

Eugene's mastery in these fields has shaped countless successful campaigns, leaving an indelible mark on multiple industries.

Sales and Business Ownership

Rock doesn't just understand business; he lives it. His success, achievements and experience provide a basis to help clients see and reach their goals.


Rock’s passion for boxing transcends the ring. It symbolizes discipline, resilience, and strategic thinking—qualities he imparts to his clients.

Radio and TV

As an Executive Producer and Host Rock has connected with audiences, sharing stories that resonate, motivate and inspire.

Counseling and Relationships

Rock’s deeply empathetic approach helps individuals navigate life's complexities, from dating, marriage, college selection, career choices and self improvement.

Passion Identification

He believes that discovering one's true passion is a critical element to self actualization and fulfillment. Rock guides clients toward their purpose.



Rock’s insights into politics and his astute, creative strategies spawned and supported many winning campaigns.

Public Speaking and Storytelling

His captivating narratives leave lasting, powerful impressions. He can coach you to do the same.


Rock’s love for his pooches is legendary. His canine companions inspire him towards reflection and introspection reminding us that life's joys lie in simple moments.

Husband of 40 Years

Rock’s enduring marriage exemplifies commitment, love, and partnership. He wants your relationships to be fun and happy. Check out his many tools to achieve such


The Renaissance Man- Jet Magazine

Eugene Rock Newman

Explore a Visual Story
of Rock Newman

Discover in photographs the captivating narrative of Rock Newman's remarkable life, experiences, and influential connections, reflecting the essence of his expertise and empowering journey.

Eugene Rock Newman

During the 20 years I’ve known Mr. Newman, his sage professional vision, instincts and guidance has helped my firms achieve some of our biggest wins. He’s truly been a Rock in my life!

Eddy Benoit- Benoit Development Group

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